Every day women and men become training legends

The world is watching your strength, speed, and ability.

How did you do that? Every day I am here to give you the inside scoop. You can see it all over the internet: “5 Things You Should Know About Fitness” or “Your Fitness Goal Is A Huge Mistake, But You Need To Know This…” and many others just like it.

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There is just something that I feel, personally, women and men are not being told from a holistic perspective. I’m not talking about the basic fitness theory you’re already familiar with. No, I’m talking about something more deep and powerful that is affecting every person’s life. It is something I have thought about for many years and I believe it truly can bring us all to a new level of life. What is this secret to life? In my book Life Mastery I cover the topics of Life Purpose, Manifestation, and Energy Flow, all in one. In other words, Life Mastery is a comprehensive guide to a life of purpose in action. It is about being the best version of ourselves. We must live and achieve a life of purpose that is within our scope…no more, no less.

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A Life of Purpose is not some fluke of the universe. It is something that we have already been programmed to be. A life of purpose is one that we have already created. And it is a life that we must create now. A life of purpose is truly our birthright. It is how we were designed to be. It is our unique gift and the only reason we are here. We were born as life purpose beings. One big purpose is to learn how to jump rope.