How to relieve pain in your lower extremities

... including the feet, ankles, calves and hamstrings.

Your foot is prone to sprains and strains – you can be injured from various causes related to the human body. Injuries, on the other hand, are caused by things like stress, jumping rope, accidents, repetitive use, inadequate footwear and other factors.

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Each sprained ligament, for example, has an origin for the pain, so that it may be difficult to distinguish a ligament-related problem from a body part-related injury. So, for optimal foot health, there is a need for your physician to take as many factors into consideration and assess your risk factors. What is foot pain? People are often surprised to know the wide variations in pain experienced by feet. To make things worse, pain can be experienced by both those who have arthritis and people who suffer from arthritis pain. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the types of arthritis and how the condition alters the structure of your feet and ankles. What causes the pain in your feet?


There are various things which can lead to pain through the feet. In most cases, pain is a result of overuse injuries. You may have pain from wearing shoes that do not fit you properly. In this case, your foot is irritated and you do not have to worry about wearing the wrong shoe. Shoes and shoes are meant to fit you. This is not the case with your heel. This is a very tricky subject which I shall discuss in a later blog post. The other risk is repetitive use with shoes that are too tight. Tight shoes are made to fit the average human’s foot. However, it is possible that your foot cannot comfortably fit in these shoes or it is causing excess wear and tear, so jut get another pair of good training shoes which are also suitable to jump rope.